Best Day Ever!

So yesterday we had the opportunity to go river rafting through La Selva, and so far it’s been my favorite activity (although I’ve really loved the coffee plantations and our nature hikes too)! I have actually never been river rafting before so it was a great opportunity to try something totally new! Our river trip actually didn’t have any white water, but the current was pretty swift so we didn’t have to paddle very much!
Here’s our Raft!

We saw many beautiful birds, a green basilisk lizard (don’t look directly in it’s eyes) and a really cool little colony of long-nosed bats. Our raft went right under the bats, and I was just a few feet away. I’ve never been so close to bats before! They are actually really beautiful, and can eat up to 1,000 mosquitoes per night! Wow!

So in addition to our amazing guide Kevin telling us about all the interesting animals and natural history of the river, we also were able to have some fun! We pulled off at one point to swim a little bit – and we got to “cliff” jump into a deep pool in the river.

IMG_8733 - Copy
Go big or go home!

We continued rafting, and at another point pulled off the river for our fruit snack. The guides flipped one of the big rafts over, washed it off in the river, and then cut up pineapples, mangos, and watermelon.
IMG_8824 - Copy

IMG_8856 - Copy
The finished product was amazing!


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