Zip line time!

This morning we went to Zipline with Adventures de Sarapiqui – it was a blast! The zip line course was a series of 14 ziplines connected to canopy towers and large trees. It passed over the Sarapiqui river twice – awesome!

Chris on the Zipline

So on this zipline tour, on the longer ziplines you would use your left hand to hold the harness attachment, and your right hand had a leather protector that was placed on the cable, and to break you would pull down on the cable. The hand (with the protector) on the cable would also keep you ziplining in the forward direction. On some of the shorter cables we were not supposed to put our guide hand on the cable because it would slow you down too much. Pretty much without the guide hand I would immediately get swiveled around, and be zipping through the rainforest backward! Arg! Our guides were really funny – the first time or two I got turned around and went backwards I was a bit ruffled, but when I came into the platform the guide just told me to relax and enjoy seeing things a different way. Once I let go of the idea that going backward would cause me to crash, and that the guides would make sure I ended up safely on the platform, I just enjoyed the ride, regardless of the direction.

It started to rain about halfway through, which caused the cables to get a bit greasy/muddy, which sort of came off on you – can you see where my sunglasses were in the picture below?

Just another day in the mines!

No, I hadn’t been in a mine – I had just run a long cable in the rain! I got to ride down with a guide behind me for the last long cable over the river, and it was really fun. I got to turn pretty much every direction, saw a beautiful toucan fly right by us, and even flipped upside down (on purpose) for part of the cable. Super fun!!


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