Monday’s nature hike at La Selva

Yesterday afternoon we went on an amazing nature hike. We first went to an area of secondary growth forest that had been growing for 15 years. We saw all of the following super-cool wildlife:
– Two different species of toucan, including a juvenile being fed by a parent
– 3 or 4 different species of hummingbird
– 1 large sloth moving up and around in a tree
– parrots
– blue-jeans frogs
-leaf litter toad
-leaf cutter ants

We then went to an old growth forest, and saw:
-Spider monkeys
– army ants
– bullet ants

In between the secondary forest and the old growth forest we passed over a river, and also saw multiple iguanas in trees, and fruit eating fish in the piranha family.

It was a super great nature hike!


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